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What Is Startup Due Diligence ?

When an investor conducts due diligence for a startup, it means that the investor will have accountants and legal professionals review and understand the company’s records. They’re trying to ensure that the financial records, intellectual property, and staff warrant the investment amount. People can stretch the truth quite a bit, and due diligence for a startup is how the investor, verifies everything claimed during the pitch.

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Due Diligence Process

1) Collation of Documentation

2) Submission of documentation to Investor/ Professionals appointed by Investor

3) Verification by professionals

4) Draft of Due Diligence report submitted to investor and startup

5) Corrective Action Plan in case of non-compliance

Documention Process

1) Financials- Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Audited Financial statements

2) Intellectual Property documentation

3) Corporate documents and Minutes

4) Information on any outstanding litigation

5) Employees and Founders- All employment agreements, ESOP Policy, Co-Founders’ Agreement

6) Customer and Supplier Information

7) Revenue Streams

8) Business Model and Projections

9) Cap Table

10) Market Data