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Employment Agreement

Employment agreement is a written contract between the employer and employee. It sets out the right and obligation of employee with respect to the particular job. It also provides the terms and conditions subject to which the employee is required to perform his duties. The contract covers specific aspects of employment. These include wages, health insurance benefits, pension benefits, bonuses and length of employment, if any.

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5 Key Elements Every Employment Agreement Should Have

 Scope of Employment

 Term and Termination



 Confidentiality and Non-Compete Provisions

Features of Employment Agreement

 Binding the employer and employee to each other.

 Provides job security to the employee subject to T&C.

 Serves as a Legal evidence in case of dispute.

 Confidentiality Clause.


After a brief consultation with our expert, select a suitable type of Employment agreement as per the job profile of your employee and provide basic details and information as may be necessary for drafting of Employment Agreement and Get your Employment agreement drafted in couple of times.