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File INC-20A

Purpose of filing of INC-20A: Every Company having share capital incorporated in Companies act 2013 after 02/11/2018 is required to file Declaration of commencement of Business in Form INC-20A through the Director authorized by Board Resolution passed at First Board Meeting since incorporation along with Current Account Statement evidencing the payment of subscriber amount by the subscribers and Certificate of Incorporation issued by MCA.

Consequences of non-filing of INC-20A

 Registrar may initiate action for the removal of name of the company.

 Company shall be liable to pay Rs. 50,000 as penalty.

 Every officer who is in default is liable to pay Rsm 1000 per day of default upto Rs. 100000

 Company cannot borrow money or take loans.

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Fulfil compliance in 3 Easy Steps:

1) Preliminary Requirement

 Provide basic details & documents required for registration

 Make payment through our secured payment gateways

2) Execution

 Preparation and filing form online

 Professional Certification

3) Your INC-20 Form is filed

 All it takes is 1 working day

*Subject to Government processing time

Process of filing INC-20A:

Day 1 - Collection, Collation & Filing

 Provide basic details & documents required for registration

 Preparation and filling an online form

 Online filing with Professional Certification

Documents required for filing of INC-20A:

 Certificate of Incorporation

 Bank Account Statement