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Permanent Account Number

A permanent account number (in short called as PAN) is a vital document for any taxpayer. It is a 10-character alphanumeric number consisting of letter and digits. This number is unique to each cardholder and helps identify the income tax payer. It is required for individuals, partnerships and companies. It also serves as an identity proof from a large number of purposes. Any corporate body doing business in India requires a PAN card whether it is registered in India or abroad. Equally, an individual or entity which is engaged in a business with an Indian firm/entity requires a PAN card. It is also required for anybody who is involved in generating money out of India whether the company is registered, or has a permanent establishment, or an office in India.

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Documents required for PAN Application:

 Aadhar Card (In case of Individual)

 Address proof

 Agreement (In case of LLP and Partnership Firm)

 Mobile Number (Linked with Aadhar Card for KYC purpose)


Requirements of Permanent Account Number:

  Identity Proof: PAN card serves as an identity proof for various purposes.

  Mandatory for Bank Account Opening: It is mandated by Central Government for every person to have a PAN card for opening of Bank Account.

  Mandatory for ITR filing: PAN Card is mandatory for every taxpayer to file Income tax return to income tax department.

  Claiming TDS refund: A person who has received the Income after deduction of TDS is mandatorily required PAN number to claim refund of TDS.

Apply for PAN

1) Preliminary Requirements

 Provide basic details & documents required for registration

 Make payment through secured payment gateways

2) Execution

 Online PAN Card Application

 Acknowledgment receipt of an application filed

 PAN will be allotted

 All it takes is 3 working days*

*Subject to Government processing time

Process for filing PAN:

Day 1 Preliminary Requirements

Provide basic details & documents required for online PAN registration

Day 2 Application

Online PAN Card Application through NSDL

Acknowledgment receipt of an application filed

PAN will be allotted

Day 3 - 10 Income Tax Department Processing

Application processing by IT department