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Share Allotment and Increase Authorised Capital

The share capital is a contribution towards company’s capital which is raised through issue of shares. A company may raise capital only to the extent of the authorized capital mentioned in the company. To increase the capital raising capacity, the authorized capital can also be increased any time after incorporation by payment of additional fee and stamp duty.

A company can issues shares only to the extent of authorized capital. Hence, it determines the number of shares a company can issue which is mentioned in the Capital Clause of MoA. In order to increase capital raising capacity, it has to increase the authorized capital first. To alter authorized capital clause, the company need to conduct a meeting of Board and Member that is followed by application to MCA.

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Documents required to increase authorised capital:



 PAN of the company


 Ordinary resolution

Process of Increasing the authorised capital:

1) Advisory on increase in capital
2) Drafting of necessary resolutions

 Drafting of other necessary documents

 Submit to client the documents prepared for signature

 Preparation of application for change

 Filing application and necessary documents with MCA

 Government processing time

 Master data on the MCA website is updated