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Trademark Assignment

Registering the trademark ensures that other companies will not have a similar trademark and gives your company exclusive rights to operate and market under said trademark. However, The registered proprietor of a trade mark is entitled to assign the trade mark and to give effectual receipts for any consideration for such assignment. Assignment of trade mark involves transfer of ownership of the trade mark to another person or entity.

Advantages of Assignment of Trademark

Enhance Goodwill

Assignment of trademark results in enhancing goodwill of trademark as the assignee uses his resources to grow business while using such Trademark after obtaining permission Assignor.

Monetary Benefits

Proprietor of Trademark can get monetary benefits as consideration or otherwise, through assignment of Trademark.


Assignment of Trademark to businesses helps the proprietor of Trademark to Diversify his brand name in wide range.

Legal Proof

In case any dispute arises between assignor and assignee in relation to the right and obligation in respect of assignment of Trademark, the assignment deed can be used as Legal Proof to resolve the dispute between Assignor and Assignee.

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Types of Trademark assignment

Complete Assignment

All the rights vested in the trademark are assigned to the third party, including the rights to further transfer, to earn royalties, to license, etc. subject to such conditions as assignor thinks fit.

Partial Assignment

In this type of assignment, the transfer of ownership is restricted only to certain products/services as decided by the parties and expressed in the Trademark Assignment Agreement.

Assignment with goodwill

This is an assignment where the owner transfers the rights and value of the trademark as associated with the product it sells.

Assignment without goodwill

The brand owner restricts the rights of the assignee, limiting user rights of the new assignee and prohibiting him/her from using the brand name for the products already in use by the assignor.

1) Preliminary Requirement

 Provide basic details & documents required for registration

 Make payment through secured payment gateways

2) Execution

 Consultation regarding the Trademark Assignment

 Drafting of Documents and Agreement

 Preparation & Filing of Application

All it takes is 5-8 working days*

*Subject to Government processing time

Day 1 - 2 Preliminary Requirements

 Provide basic details & documents required for registration

Day 3 - 4 Operating

 Drafting of Documents by Professionals

 Drafting of Trademark Assignment Agreement

Day 5-6 - Submission

 Filing of online TM-P application