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A trade mark provides protection to the owner of the mark by ensuring the exclusive right to use it, or to authorize another to use the same in return for payment. The period of protection varies, but a trademark can be renewed indefinitely beyond the time limit on payment of additional fees. ade mark protection in India is perpetual subject to renewal of the registration after every 10 years. The application for renewal can be filed six months before the expiry of the validity period of the trade mark.

Benefits of Trademark Renewal

Extension of Ownership Rights

Ownership rights of in regards to the Trademark extended for further period of 10 years on renewal of Trademark.

Prevention from Litigation

Trademark renewal protects trademark holder against litigation arising from the use of Trademark after expiry of Trademark period.

Security of Brand

On renewal of Trademark, trademark holder further gets the exclusive rights to use the Brand and avail immunity against the infringements.

Monetary Benefits

After renewal of Trademark, the Trademark holder can further assign his right to other to use Trademark on payment of Monetary consideration or Otherwise, as he thinks fit.

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Documents required to Renewal a Trademark

Identity Proof of Signatory

Address Proof of Signatory

Trademark certificate

Power of Attorney

Application for Trademark Renewal in Easy Steps

Preliminary Requirements

  Provide basic details & documents required for registration

  Make payment through secured payment gateways

Preparation and Filing of Application

  Drafting of Documents

  Preparation & Filing of Application

  Your Trademark will be Renewed within 4 days*

*Subject to Government processing time

Procedure to Register a Trademark

Day 1 – Collection and Collation of Documents and Informations

 Provide basic details & documents required for registration.

Day 2 - Execution:

 Drafting of Documents

 Assigning of Power of Attorney

Day 3 – Submission of Application

 Filing of online TM Renew application

 Filing application & acknowledgement receipt

Day 4 – Waiting for Government approval

 Approval subject to Government processing time