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There are various ways of raising funds for your startup. In order to raise investments, it is imperative to possess the most important tools before you approach any investor. After you raise investment, it is important to comply with the requisite rules and regulations. We help you by providing specifically curated investment packs for you. Following are the deliverables cover under the ambit of fund raising:

> Investment Pitch Decks

> Pre-Investment due diligence for Investors

> Investment Documentation

> Post-Investment Compliances 


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Investment pitch deck is a document which not only showcases the ideology behind the startup, but also provides commercial insights of the startup to the potential investors. It needs to be crisp, short and precise, yet realistic. We can help you in making a perfect pitch deck for your startup.

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Before investing in a startup, investors would like to know about the financial, legal, management, regulatory history of the startup.Every deal has risks attached to it. In order to assess those risks, due diligence is conducted. We at Bizlegal possess the required expertise in conducting such due-diligence checks on startups.

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Documents like term sheet, shareholders' agreement, share subscription agreement, share purchase agreement are executed during the course of raising investments. We can not only help you in drafting the same but also will ensure that your interests are taken care of. 

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Once your startup is funded or has raised investments, there are rules which have to be complied with like, allotment of shares have to done, in case of foreign investment you shall be required to comply with the RBI and FEMA rules. You can leave that to us, we will handle everything for you while you can focus on your business.

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