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For every business it is necessary and advisable to execute agreements/contracts reduced into writing before entering into any kind of business relationship. Contracts should be drafted keeping into account the interests of both the parties and should contain the terms as per the specific needs of the businesses.  Our advise is not to rely on templates available online, because they are general and may not take care of your interests. We at Bizlegal with our UAS working methodology, we curate agreements according to your specific needs and requirements not compromising on the legal aspects of the same. Following are the agreements with which we can help you out.  



An NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) is a legally binding contract stipulating that certain information that shall be shared in the future is confidential, and also the extent to which its disclosure is restricted to any third party.


An employee stock option plan is a qualified defined-contribution employee benefit plan designed to invest primarily in the sponsoring employer/company's shareholding. We help in making a perfect ESOP for your company.


This will set out the agreed terms in the term sheet in more detail. Future investors may want to see this agreement to know how much control other investors have in your company.


A Co-founders agreement will help you have a sustainable business relationship so as to enhance your business’ performance. We help you put in place strong foundations for open and honest communication between co-founders, which mitigates the risk of disputes and business failure in the long term.


The term sheet sets out the terms on which your investor is going to give you funding, be that by taking equity in your company, a convertible note, or another arrangement. It will also set out any conditions you will have to meet in order to successfully gain funding. It will also include decisions about dilution of shares and decision making rights.


Are you entering a new business relationship and are looking to set out the role of each party without too much formality? Get a Memorandum of Understanding.


An employment agreement will outline the employee’s role and  will limit the employer’s liability.

It is advisable to put one in place as in the absence of a written agreement, default legal provisions will apply which tend to favor employees.


A Partnership agreement relates to two or more individuals intending to form a partnership (rather than a company limited by shares or guarantee). 


Service Level agreements are a certain type of terms and Conditions/Terms of Business. They are most used by technology companies when a service provider renders a service to a client.